"Literacy is a shared responsibility of every teacher in the school building."

Sarah Brown Wessling
Teaching Channel
"Smart is something you get."
Growth Mindset
Carol Dweck
The Math Ninja and his Class
Welcome to the Peconic Teacher Center (PTC): an East End Learning Community. PTC serves the educational community in Long Island's East End school districts from Hampton Bays to Montauk.
PTC works for and with approximately 1700 teachers and educators in 29 school buildings. Please see Events page for flyers on these workshops.
WINTER ACTIVITIES:SEE Events Page for specific details 
NEW!!! FUNDATIONS Training Session Four, March 27, 2015
NEW!!!! JUST WORDS Follow-Up, March 31, 2015

NEW!!! DASA Training: State Requirement, March 31, 2015
NEW!!!! Document-Based Questions and Essay Writing: A Workshop for Social Studies teachers 6-12
March 5, 2105

PTC workshops and activities are now on Mylearningplan.com: